Thursday, September 1, 2011

Takes A Few Tries

There are times when I feel like I'm improving, such as asking more strangers and taking better photos of better ensembles. Other times, like today, there is just as easily the feeling of regressing, of feigning caution and hesitating too hard. Letting things passing me by, accepting the mediocre, or not taking enough advantage of a good photo op by... taking a good photo.

I shot Taylor today, who I was sitting by on The Wall, but the angle of the photo was a little off. And many times I passed people by who had great outfits but in the split-second it would take for me to ball up and ask, they were behind me. But I digress.

Diana made me little stars to hand out for any potential readers, which is awesome! One day when we've got a lot of experience, readers, and posts under our belts, I'd like to put flyers on trees with little stars taped on. There'd be a note, of course, on the paper. It'd say something like "Unfold me" or "Take one." How ridiculously awesome would that be?

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