Friday, September 9, 2011

Take the Middle Road

What fitting weather for a Friday afternoon--the strains of clouds disappearing once every so often to bathe the world in a lukewarm light. It's a perfect medium given the wide range of weather we've had this past week: anywhere from blustery hot to a cold, wet downpour. It is a tempered conclusion to a week of extremities.

But I guess the beginning of Fashion Week (a more accurate term would be Fashion Month) genuinely marks the onslaught of a new season and all its fashion staples as well. I mean, we have officially shifted from S/S '11 to A/W '12. On the one hand, I'm extremely wistful for New York. If only I had the time and hard cash; it would be like living a dream. On a more realistic tone, however, I'm excited for all the good fall-like things to come. Coats, scarves, boots, layering cardigans and beanies, as well. I've noticed a lot of color-blocking in coats, and I'm trying to decide between a bright, solid color, or the heritage patterns that seem to be in right now.

I was charmed and inspired by Rachel's creative choice in cover-up. Her letter man style jacket had me running after her, begging to take her picture. I love the colors in her ensemble, the red and white of her jacket paired with her lovely blue heels. But she also chose the right neutral basics to emphasize her colors.

If I can't make a decision on a coat by the time autumn comes to a head, I might just take a leaf out of Rachel's book!



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