Tuesday, September 6, 2011

You'd Better Hold On Tight

The rain persists, but perhaps the saddest part of these last two days is that I've lost two pairs of tights. Sometimes I think that tights are designed to fail, as the slightest misstep results in a run, or a hole, and soon enough you're sporting patchy legs that look like they've been crawling through razor blade grasses of the Everglades. For their price, they are evanescent objects. But more than that, their existence in itself is impractical. Whether seven dollars or fifty nine, they rip all the same. It's a shame I love them so much, and that they look so nice. And of course I'll still be wearing mine; it just puts a bit of a damper, is all.

Anyhow, on the subject of tights, I walked past Paige today on the way to lab and went head over heels for hers. They look amazing paired with those boots. I sure hope they're doing alright in this fabric-snagging world that we live in. Paige's pre-fall layering was also really fun and different, which is something I love seeing around campus.



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