Tuesday, September 6, 2011

All These New Spaces

Guys, I know the weather is horrid right now, and the rain spits down in irreverent angles, but I want you to know that there's a beautiful light at the end of this tunnel damp, leaking tunnel.

Tomorrow, Zara will start shipping to the USA! Now, I'm sure you've all heard of Zara before and maybe even have a few stores located in your hometown. But sometimes, there are sizes and items that you just can't find in-store, and it's utterly heart-shattering. For example, when the beautifully striped seer-sucker blazer went on sale, the only sizes available in store were XL and XXL. Venturing online, all I could do was look woefully at the pictures. No size selection, no add to cart button, no field for errant coupon codes! It was like being on the wrong side of the looking glass. But all of that's about to change.

I've already put a few things on my to-buy list. It seems that I either like really tacky, bright and audacious prints, or duly colored basics. It's color bipolar-ism. But either way.

I've been planning a jaunty menswear look which this particular pleated trouser would be perfect for. I like the way it flares out a bit at the hip and tapers down towards the ankles, ending with a cuff. I'm thinking purple oxfords and men's socks for the finish.

In addition, how awesome would this newsboy cap be with the whole ensemble? Menswear with a girlie twist. Maybe a simple hounds tooth or striped choice would be better. I don't know. Loud florals are more fun, however.

Speaking of florals, how is this for loud? 

And lastly, I love the structure and feel of this miniskirt. I am a sucker for burnished gold. It's so blatantly and perfectly Vandy.

What are the pieces you've got your eyes on?

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