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Nice to meet you! "The Sardoreialist" is a street style/personal style blog started by Jenn. Based in Nashville, The Sardoreialist stemmed from a desire to explore and document the fashion pursuits of Vanderbilt University students (The Commodores. Hence, Sar"dore"ialist) and other stylish Nashvillains.

It'd probably be appropriate to say that the inspiration for the name "Sardoreialist" actually comes from the world-renown Street Style website, "The Sartorialist." This website serves as one of behemoths of the online fashion world today. (They are vastly superior and we can only hope to aspire to be half of the blog they are. So please, visit their site as well.)

A Disclaimer: We do not claim to be extremely fashion-savvy or even particularly elegant when it comes to fashion blogging. We do this because we want to, for enjoyment's sake, and not because we aim to please anyone other than our own delicate psyches.

An Actual Disclaimer: We at The Sardoreialist are in no way, form, or fashion affiliated with the actual Vanderbilt University. We just happen to be students there who interact with other students there and will be photographing subjects who may or may not attend the school. The word "dore" that can be found in our title is slang for our mascot, The Commodores, which is some antiquated title for Commander of a ship, but we're pretty sure is also just a word that can be found in the un-copyrighted English Language (we apologize for our lack of reverence for what the word actually means). And please respect our privacy, along with the privacy of the people we photograph. Having photos on the internet are in no way invitations for strangers to come a-hasslin'. Thanks, guys. Be a boo, don't sue. 

Please feel free to send in any questions to dorefashion@gmail.com.



Jenn, 19, studies Chemistry and Philosophy. In her spare time, she enjoys sketching, writing, getting shit done, and following fashion blogs. A familiar to the dirty south, she was a proud (suburb of) Atlanta native for her first eighteen years. 

Her camera is a Sony DSC-WX9 and occasionally the Canon Rebel XT1i, and though she has little to none experience in photography, Jennifer has about ten years experience fiddling around in Photoshop. So worry not!

Other non-essential things that Jennifer enjoys include lovely music, longboarding, the Arthurian Legends, color pencils, Arugula, and reading. She hopes to be a pathologist someday and adores the color green.  

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