Monday, November 19, 2012


It is with copiously overflowing bundles of regret in my heart that I must announce a Hiatus for the blog.

It's a temporary one, but certainly a long one, and may well last until the end of March (Gee, let's hope not). But most likely the End of January. Yikes, right? I know, it breaks my heart too, but I simply cannot dedicate as much time, effort, and creativity (ha) to this blog as it deserves.

Why, you ask? Well, Jennifer wants to have a career someday that involves scalpel-ing people open and drugging them up with lots of goodies that will change their world, perhaps not in that exact order. Apparently you need a license to do that kind of stuff. Apparently to even be in the running to get a license to do that kind of stuff you have to jump through all of these hurdles, some of which include passing tests of all kinds, big ones, little ones, but mostly the big ones. Sometimes tests like these require all your energy, time, and effort because otherwise you'll get a 22 and be doomed to a life of panhandling, pick-pocketing and possibly prostitution. As we all know, nobody wants that.

Sorry. Dramatization.

Technically, I've already been on Hiatus for a while, I just haven't had the heart to make it official yet. However, seeing that I haven't touched my camera in a little over three weeks, I think it's time to make a small sacrifice now so that I can come back full force when my time's a little more freed up. I can already taste the sweet freedom on my lips, not to mention entrance into med school. Tastes like cadavers.

Bye bye for now, little cottonballs of joy.