Sunday, October 30, 2011

Searching West and East

A friend introduced me to the Monsters of Folk album yesterday, and since then I've become obsessed. Especially the song Temazcal, which features Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes... With lyrics such as "The love we made at gunpoint wasn't love at all. They're dancing in the valley; the moon's the mirror ball," who could resist?

On Tuesday, I got an awesome picture of Ty at Last Drop. I've been seeing those kind of pants around a lot... are they Harlem pants? Cause I love them. And I want them. Also, loved the color and design of her top.

Look forward to an upcoming vintage-heavy outfit post!

Love you guys,


Saturday, October 29, 2011

All Hail

To be fair, we did walk into that game expecting to lose it... They did give us a glimmer of hope... before it was snatched away and all. Sigh. But in all seriousness, today's game against Arkansas was really entertaining! I'm incredibly grateful that we have Coach Franklin to lead us to higher places and higher spirits...

I loved the slouchy tunic that Alison was sporting on Tuesday, which was amongst the last of the fair-weather days. Thursday and Friday were so gloomy that I ended up oversleeping and missing multiple classes (blame it on the weather). Nevertheless, I thought the top and scarf had great contrast... white plus a bright color always stands out somehow...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Because You're Mine

I'm out studying til late (because that's literally the only thing I do nowadays), and I don't have my USB to connect my camera to my computer. So there won't be a street style photo for you today, which should be fine, because I'm going to show you this amazing Kate Sylvester runway video instead!

This is for her AW'12 "Secretary Collection." Although I don't know much about Kate Sylvester to begin with, after a friend (Joe from Stranger Danger!) showed me this video, I had to share it... Love the collection, the pale and willowy models wear it so well. It definitely is brilliant business-wear that could be translated to street wear in a heartbeat, along with a view bondage pieces. Whatevs.

Though there are some themes of domination that (to me) imply and perpetuate the inequality of gender politics in the office... which I don't like... overall this video was really awesome.

If I really think about it, it's a woman spanking another woman... so maybe I can make an exception.

Kate Sylvester AW12 The Secretary Collection from Kate Sylvester on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sneaky Weeks

Nothing can compare to how nice it feels to have an un-busy week here at Vanderbilt. Well, that is, until you realize you have a Bio test next week, a speech, a tour to man, four lab things due, so on and so forth. Major dislike! But for now, for this quiet moment, I can take a little breath before the torrent crashes in. This is the calm before the storm. This is my life and it's happening NOW.

My apologies, guys. Coffee and the universe make me go a little stir crazy. A long to-do list doesn't stop me from window-shopping for leggings and dresses, and this is also a problem. Today I have a photo of the ever-fashionable Diana for you, as I often do. I always love the grey/red color combo... It's subdued yet at the same time bright and statement-y. I can't form eloquent words right now.

Stay sane, folks. I'll try and do the same.


Monday, October 24, 2011

No Need to Sing The Blues

Oftentimes, I'll find myself wondering what the point of everything is, why I bother, why I work, why I try... all very nihilistic, but there's really no use going down that road or else you'll find something quite bleak and distasteful... thus I continue to hamster-wheel it up like the rest of all good citizens in the hope that what I'm looking for will one day turn up at my feet--maybe right when I've ceased looking for it.

All of that is very cryptic and whatnot, but the reality is is that choosing classes really grabs my goat and that's probably why I'm so surly today. I have two classes that I really need to take and I can't--they're at the same time. Boo. Such is life... if only I were like Hermione, though, and had a time turner... oh, the possibilities (how many times have you heard that one before?). Anyhow, the idea of changing my schedule when I've just barely gotten into the rhythm of mine is quite a nuisance as well. Yes, you are currently listening to my first-world problems.

Itoro has always struck me as an interesting character, ever since I met him in freshman year... He always dresses quite uniquely though I haven't had a chance to photograph him until now. I really liked the monochromatic color scheme, the denim/chambray/tie ensemble combined working man and... sophistication (mostly the work of the tie). Ha! I need better words. I quite like the touch of gold accessory on the wrist though, it really stands out amongst that ocean of blue.

Happy Day,


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lazy Apologies

Oh, my! I haven't updated in far too long, and I apologize for that. If anything, I'd like to keep some consistency with this blog, and there were days a month ago where I'd be posting twice... this just won't do.

It's just that it's been such a hectic week and studying for that physics test took too much out of me (though it was well worth it in the end), but after an eventful weekend I'm glad to say I've mostly recovered. Today I've got this awesome street style shot of one of my ASB site leaders from last year, Josh! Josh is involved in like fifteen organizations (he's on the board for 5) and is a really awesome guy! Plus he always dresses impeccably, usually more on the preppy side, but some days (like today) he's rocking the grandpa vintage thing. Bow tie and sweater vest speak for themselves. I actually haven't shown this blog to any of the people in my ASB group... hm, I wonder what they would think...

Hope you guys are enjoying that wonderful Monday feeling!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Heavy Weather

Oh, how the frigidly cold days pass so quickly! I have barely noticed the last two days as they have swept by me, and it wasn't until today that I remembered that I needed to update the blog... I am so done with school right now, you could not even believe. I'm not even in eloquent enough a state to describe it to you, I am just ridiculously exhausted and so glad to be done with Physics (for now).

This is Manny Cuevas, Jr.'s collection. You can tell how much Diana liked it by how many pictures she got (at this point, I was out of batteries on my camera). But yes... I loved the outerwear here, it was all very well-structured, with lovely heritage patterns and most of all, VELVET BLAZER! I fainted when I saw it. Fantastic. This was a fitting and lovely finale for the show... I definitely fell for a good number of the pieces.

Awesome first piece! That and it reminded me of furry woodland creatures.

I like that the model's face is slightly blurred before reaching for the...

...sunglasses that bring the world into focus!

These pants. So good.

This velvet blazer and the amazing trim on the shirt... Gorgeous, gorgeous, completely gorgeous.

Diana and I agreed that this model was so fierce! The way she walked, the way she posed... the camera obviously loves her

Thanks, guys! Have a great weekend. Hopefully I'll be back to regular updates once I get some much-needed sleep.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Can't Get Away

Another Monday passes, and again I find myself hunched over in a carrel, wiling the time away with frequent tumblr checks and facebook scans. This is bad... libraries are supposed to be productive places. I think I am bringing everybody down.

Bio lab finished quickly, today, so I was lucky enough to enjoy the rest of the afternoon outside. I set up camp on a table outside Rand. This tidbit is inconsequential except for the fact that I was the happiest that I have been in a while just enjoying the weather, listening to trashy teenage music (Taking Back Sunday to be specific), making notecards, and grinning to myself like an idiot. I realized that (after this test) I have to take care to enjoy life more, because sooner or later it will all be over. We're giving service-organization recruitment speeches in class, and after today's round I've become partially convinced  to volunteer for Nashville Mobile Market. And I have decided to start reading for leisure again. Woah! I'm dreaming big.

Um. So I haven't gotten any street style photos lately, even though I noticed a lot of really impeccably dressed people today! In fact, I felt pretty guilty for not being in a "photographing mindset," because I feel like my blog missed out. At the same time, I'm drowning in physics until Thursday, so it's probably best that I focus. Even making blog posts like this is a bit of a stretch. But readers should take note... if ever you think you deserve to be on the blog, want your picture taken or think that I'm passing over you, please ask me for a picture! I won't think it's weird. Maybe nobody ever feels like this... but if you do, seriously. Ask me. I'll do it. I can dig it, guys. I'm down with the sickness.

In the meantime, I've got pictures from the ErosBlaine collection. I enjoyed the sleek silhouettes of this collection, along with the mesh, leather, and chiffon-like material that dominated the works. Sadly, my camera ran out of batteries at this point, and Diana's of memory, so we were only able to get four pictures, thus I decided to join this with Mimi & Dottie's jewelry collection (the latter four photos).

ErosBlaine A/W '12

Mimi & Dottie Jewelry Collection




Sunday, October 16, 2011

We Come Back to Heal Ya

I love Phoebe's layering and her contrast between the brown leather/corduroy (great vest) and the femininity of her lace skirt. The color palette also benefits greatly from her touches of blue and teal. I love it when people put thought into what they wear... I rather think it's more important in these months. As you can tell from the photo, the leaves have begun their perishing. It's starting to feel like October!

Were it not for the fiery red and gold of the falling leaves, I don't know how I would feel about autumn. It's a season too unexpectedly chilly for me to feel at ease. Yet, autumn can't make up its mind, harboring frigid cold one day and a radiating heat the next. Yes, yes, I understand that this is the season of slimming colors and silhouettes, and lovely layering (as we see above), but you must understand that as a kid I hated the colder seasons with a vengeance that has yet to fade entirely.

I think it's the implications... fall and winter means less sunlight, less time spent in natural environments--they become hostile and unsustainable. Instead we must curl up into ourselves and others for warmth, stay indoors as the days dim quicker. You begin an inside life and must live partly through your imagination (as opposed to summer, when you just go outside and do). This year, however, I'd like to think that I'm ready for the new season... got some dollar store gloves and many new layers to pile on until the cold can't quite reach my blood.

By the way, quick random autumnal advice... I learned from running track in high school that you lose heat from your hands, feet, and head (ears) at the highest rates. So... this would be a good time to invest in socks, tights, gloves, earmuffs, and beanies! Also, layering isn't just for looks, it's extremely practical as well! I think we all know that the insulation between layers keeps us a lot warmer than we would be with just one thick coat on.



Friday, October 14, 2011

The Weepies

What a strange end to a completely surreal week. The journey ahead, once so sure and concrete, has now transformed into a rope bridge of sorts over a gaping, cavernous abyss. I exaggerate, as I often do, but I can feel my sanity slowly crumbling around me. As proof of this, last night I had the most vivid and twisted dream about roaches... but I will spare you the details.

This photo was taken on Thursday, near Rand. Annie and Niger were charming and very cooperative with getting their pictures taken... their style was just so interesting! At first glance, I didn't even think they were Vandy students. I've got to say, though, I love Niger's look. He's got the whole Grandpa vintage down to a tee, especially with the book and umbrella under his arm. The loafers, bow tie, and hat just add so much character!

Annie, as well, looked adorable. I love her army green tights, the hem of her peasant skirt, and the details of her denim jacket.

Stay fashionable, folks.

Love, Jenn

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stranger Danger

Today was another one of those surreal, post-coffee hazy days, where fatigue creeps up your spine and slouches it into a listless curve. I sat outside and enjoyed the windy weather (got a few great pictures, as well), even as the tingling cold crept into my fingers. That wasn't a very pleasant feeling and it stunted my work... thus, I was frustrate.

Other than that, however, the day was pleasant, lunchtime especially so. I ran into a few like-minded people, and we discussed vintage shopping and the obscurely enigmatic genius of Lil B (#thankyoubasedgod). It's always nice to run into people when you otherwise expect to be eating alone. I got a few pictures of Joe in the meantime. He's a character... that's all I can really say about that. 

Here we have him conducting the symphony of his mind. Trenchcoat, button-up, cardigan is a go!
This is the real life.
Look forward to ErosBlaine collections and Manny Cuevas Jr. as well. These should be coming up the next few days, whenever I have a spare moment.

Side note: For some reason, I reread the plot for GATTACA, which was a movie we watched in 7th grade Biology. It is actually quite a disturbing and bittersweet movie... yet we watched it in 7th grade. Perhaps this is why I am so twisted.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Squares and Ickle Panda Bears

I realize that I've been clogging up this "street style" blog with non-street style photos lately... albeit for a very good cause! Scene and Heard was an amazing experience, but I've been growing lazy with keeping up my side of the deal.. that is, to take good street style photos everyday! I use too many exclamation marks.

Today was a day better forgotten... so I will make way down that road. I'd like to forge new realities, if I could, where my IQ points rattled up by 30 and every ounce of work I put into a subject was returned to me in grade-points. I wish there were a Law of Conservation of Mental Energy. I mean, gravity chains me to the earth... why can't I chain my drifting thoughts to a brain who loves them, and needs them?

On to the photo today. I loved the print and cut of the left girl's dress.. and her socked oxfords are amazing; you don't see those nearly enough. Also, the girl on the right had a dress with a panda bear on it! That's unbearably cute. Sorry--couldn't resist.

Have a nice night, folks


Monday, October 10, 2011

Ryan Ripley - Ghost Town

Oh geez, how did a day get past me without even a notice? I promised to have Ryan Ripley's collection up by... yesterday... Well. I've been super distracted with this huge Bio test on Wednesday so traffic will be a little bit slower until I can get past that. Luckily I have the photos for you right now from Ryan Ripley.

Actually, I happen to holed up in Stevenson as we speak; people are walking behind the carrel wondering "What is this girl doing blogging in the library at midnight? She can't be serious." At least, that's what I think they're thinking. Anyways.

A few words about Ripley's A/W collection before we get to the pictures... I think it was the perfect representation of what I want autumn winter style to be. There's a solemnity to the color schemes, which exudes the suppressed flame of fall's spirit. And the layering, oh, the layering! So well done; every detail attended to. I was literally drooling during the show and behind the scenes. To top it all off, there was rich employment of metallics and this wonderfully intricate paisley print, all mixed with burgundies, browns, denim blues, heather grays. I could easily imagine these pieces in a lookbook, the models chopping wood in an winter-struck forest with their breaths coming out in a white steam, or just strolling along a country path on an overcast day... so idyllic. But I digress. The designer had his own vision of a post-apocalyptic ghost town, and the styling reflected that in the artfully-placed rubble and destruction that dusted upon the models shoulders.

I can never pull of suspenders without my shirt looking ridiculous, but this man sure knows how to rock it!

This scarf. There are no words.

This coat had a burnt orange lining... how perfect with its ivory outside!
Unfortunately, we did miss another model in our photographs. He was photographed in the behind the scenes post, however, though we didn't catch him walking. I honestly feel terrible about that... soon I will invest in a new camera and things like this will never happen again!

Thanks guys,


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fortune's Fool

I wanted to spend my fall break strolling down the streets of East Nashville, my heels tap-tapping on the pavement and my camera click-clicking as fast as it could as I took in all the sights and the fashions. I would have a coffee in my hand from an independent cafe with the quaintest interior and a rustic atmosphere, and perhaps dine by myself at that restaurant I've heard so much about (despite popular belief, eating alone is not for losers. Often, I prefer it). In the 80 degree weather I'd feel very fine, and free, and resolute, like a little worker ant who ventured off to bask in the sunlight for a while, fobbing off his work with glee.

Instead, I studied Biology and Physics all break, with stuttered movie time-outs and part time job responsibilities. On Thursday and Friday the campus was very empty and it seemed to carve out my insides along with it. I missed the idea of being in a place full of possibilities... could it be that possibility is only present in people? I pondered this tremendously while my homework weighed me down and I let the hours wile away. What was I doing then? Certainly nothing efficiently. Nevertheless, this break was some measure of rest that I desperately needed, and though I do not look forward to the end of this rest, the idea of there being people energizes me anew, and maybe that will suffice until Thanksgiving.

Today I am beginning to post the designer's collections. I will begin with Amy Breen, whose designs were essentially sophisticated in their simplicity. I liked them--a few pieces had a diaphanous, soft flow of fabric to them. The pant suits and gold-tinged tones were lovely, as well.

A little more than half of the photos are by Diana, and the rest by me. Unfortunately, there was one design we both didn't manage to get pictures of (I did but it was very blurry and the head was cut off)--this was of the model Corinna, whom I met at the casting call, so I do apologize for that! However, if you scroll down below to the behind the scenes outfit posts, there is one of her in the Amy Breen design!

It is almost midnight and I have put physics off for too long. Hope you all enjoy these pictures--Ryan Ripley to come tomorrow.