Monday, October 17, 2011

Can't Get Away

Another Monday passes, and again I find myself hunched over in a carrel, wiling the time away with frequent tumblr checks and facebook scans. This is bad... libraries are supposed to be productive places. I think I am bringing everybody down.

Bio lab finished quickly, today, so I was lucky enough to enjoy the rest of the afternoon outside. I set up camp on a table outside Rand. This tidbit is inconsequential except for the fact that I was the happiest that I have been in a while just enjoying the weather, listening to trashy teenage music (Taking Back Sunday to be specific), making notecards, and grinning to myself like an idiot. I realized that (after this test) I have to take care to enjoy life more, because sooner or later it will all be over. We're giving service-organization recruitment speeches in class, and after today's round I've become partially convinced  to volunteer for Nashville Mobile Market. And I have decided to start reading for leisure again. Woah! I'm dreaming big.

Um. So I haven't gotten any street style photos lately, even though I noticed a lot of really impeccably dressed people today! In fact, I felt pretty guilty for not being in a "photographing mindset," because I feel like my blog missed out. At the same time, I'm drowning in physics until Thursday, so it's probably best that I focus. Even making blog posts like this is a bit of a stretch. But readers should take note... if ever you think you deserve to be on the blog, want your picture taken or think that I'm passing over you, please ask me for a picture! I won't think it's weird. Maybe nobody ever feels like this... but if you do, seriously. Ask me. I'll do it. I can dig it, guys. I'm down with the sickness.

In the meantime, I've got pictures from the ErosBlaine collection. I enjoyed the sleek silhouettes of this collection, along with the mesh, leather, and chiffon-like material that dominated the works. Sadly, my camera ran out of batteries at this point, and Diana's of memory, so we were only able to get four pictures, thus I decided to join this with Mimi & Dottie's jewelry collection (the latter four photos).

ErosBlaine A/W '12

Mimi & Dottie Jewelry Collection




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