Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Squares and Ickle Panda Bears

I realize that I've been clogging up this "street style" blog with non-street style photos lately... albeit for a very good cause! Scene and Heard was an amazing experience, but I've been growing lazy with keeping up my side of the deal.. that is, to take good street style photos everyday! I use too many exclamation marks.

Today was a day better forgotten... so I will make way down that road. I'd like to forge new realities, if I could, where my IQ points rattled up by 30 and every ounce of work I put into a subject was returned to me in grade-points. I wish there were a Law of Conservation of Mental Energy. I mean, gravity chains me to the earth... why can't I chain my drifting thoughts to a brain who loves them, and needs them?

On to the photo today. I loved the print and cut of the left girl's dress.. and her socked oxfords are amazing; you don't see those nearly enough. Also, the girl on the right had a dress with a panda bear on it! That's unbearably cute. Sorry--couldn't resist.

Have a nice night, folks


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