Monday, October 24, 2011

No Need to Sing The Blues

Oftentimes, I'll find myself wondering what the point of everything is, why I bother, why I work, why I try... all very nihilistic, but there's really no use going down that road or else you'll find something quite bleak and distasteful... thus I continue to hamster-wheel it up like the rest of all good citizens in the hope that what I'm looking for will one day turn up at my feet--maybe right when I've ceased looking for it.

All of that is very cryptic and whatnot, but the reality is is that choosing classes really grabs my goat and that's probably why I'm so surly today. I have two classes that I really need to take and I can't--they're at the same time. Boo. Such is life... if only I were like Hermione, though, and had a time turner... oh, the possibilities (how many times have you heard that one before?). Anyhow, the idea of changing my schedule when I've just barely gotten into the rhythm of mine is quite a nuisance as well. Yes, you are currently listening to my first-world problems.

Itoro has always struck me as an interesting character, ever since I met him in freshman year... He always dresses quite uniquely though I haven't had a chance to photograph him until now. I really liked the monochromatic color scheme, the denim/chambray/tie ensemble combined working man and... sophistication (mostly the work of the tie). Ha! I need better words. I quite like the touch of gold accessory on the wrist though, it really stands out amongst that ocean of blue.

Happy Day,


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