Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Scene & Heard Part I: Outfit Shots

Hey guys, this is part one of what you've been waiting for... Scene and Heard photos! We're splitting the parts into this (street style-esque shots of the models, attendees and VPRS board), behind-the-scene candids, and lastly all the designers' collections. It's a large volume of stuff so I hope my poor little site can take it. Anyways, all three of these should be up within the next week, so look forward to that.

These are a few shots of VPRS members and attendees:

My precious roommate in freshman year! What a darling dress.

Katie's little sister! They are both so fashionable... all the time, though. Serious.

About the above image... I actually made a mistake. They are also and probably primarily models. However, I saw them doing other people's hair and possibly make up as well. So the only thing I can conclude is that they are very versatile. Sorry for the mix-up!

Here are some photos of models in their street wear...

Look forward to the behind the scenes shots (including some outfits by designers) tomorrow! They're better quality, by the way, because the photos are by Diana.

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