Sunday, October 21, 2012

Rooftop Reveries

Some people use the rooftop of the Medical Center for pensive nighttime activities. I sneak up there early on Saturday mornings to take photos of myself. I should have known my mother was right when she told me I was a little bit off.

There comes a time when your hair gets so long that it acquires a personality of its own. People ask after it at parties, recognize it before they acknowledge the rest of you, ask about its plans for the immediate future. In fact, it wouldn't be too much a stretch of the imagination for me to claim that it was a dear friend to me: Sometimes, it annoyed the stuffing out of me. But when the going was good, Oh the Adventures we'd go on! Now that I've cut it off, looking at these photographs almost makes me wistful for long, tangled, fraught-with-split-end, rope hair again.

I've been so behind on my posting that these outfit photos are from one whole month ago. Actually, more than a month ago. Eep. I also haven't been taking street style photos around campus, in case anybody has noticed and was feeling hit hard by the absence. Or noticed and didn't care. Or just didn't notice. Any one of many permutations. But after tonight's Scene and Heard fashion show, I feel a second wind of inspiration that will hopefully push me through the rest of the semester.

Hat - Nasty Gal; Top - UO; Leggings - Ping Ping and Rabbit; Shoes - Forever 21

Look at these babies. These sweet, ankle and sole breaking babies

For anybody who is interested, it should take me about a week to edit all of the photos from Scene and Heard. Life is a little bit--no, scratch that, a lot bit--crazy right now!


Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Long and Short of It

How to describe the Animal Collective concert... Well, there comes a time amidst the tirelessly undulating, taco-scented masses when you need to hold your head to the sky and take a deep, chilling breath. Think of it as breaking the surface of a lake after a flailing spree from the bottom. Let me tell you, I've been there before, and it's not exactly pretty, but it's pretty much a sure sign of a good time. And, it almost never happens to me when I'm at a Nashville concert. Maybe it just means that Atlanta is full of crazy people. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that Animal Collective demolished that show into little, itty bitty pieces of fantastic. It's hard to tell.

All I know is, no experience in the past few months or immediate future can or will compare. Especially because I spent my fall break studying for the MCAT and will likely be swept up in a MCAT related storm for the next few months.

It's like trying to run 26.2 miles when the last time you ran was more than five months ago and your record distance is, like, eight miles. It's pain and despair.

Here, have a street style photo. Now that I think about it, Jalisia's skirt reminds me of the concert in its kaleidoscopic, psychedelic nature... If I turn my head one way I think I can see an erupting volcano on a game board of Candyland. If I turn it the other way, I think I see Satan eating a carrot.