Thursday, September 8, 2011

Whistle While You Work

Sometimes, menial labor is exactly what you need after a day of straining your mind. It's nice to lose yourself to the repetition, to gain an easy rhythm of washing dishes, or mixing media. There's solitude, for one, just you and your own thoughts, a reason for daydreaming. Also, for those of you who do menial work on a schedule, you know there's nothing else that you "should" be doing at the time, no stressing out about the homework you "could" be spending time on. I mean, you're there already, right?

Maybe I'm not relating to anybody here. But really, I think anybody who is stressed out by the verbosity of their reading or the density of their work should just take some time out to do something simple, mindless, and constructive. It could be anything from folding your clothes to rearranging your books, just as long as you keep busy while letting your brain take a mini-vacation. Afterward, you've also accomplished something!

Well, when I'm not keeping busy I can usually be found near food. On Tortellini Tuesday I took an outfit shot of Audrey, who had this great pair of trousers. Paired with her boots, they are reminiscent of riding pants, which I'm a definite fan of. I've also developed quite a liking for leather jackets, especially this one.

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