Tuesday, September 13, 2011

11:30 AM

If I had to pick a favorite time of the day, it'd probably be precisely 11:30 am. A month ago, I wouldn't have been awake early enough to see this, but now that I have 9:00 AM classes every day and am stressed beyond immediate relief, I've decided that I really like the look of this time of day. In this dregs of summer weather, it's nice and warm without being swelteringly so, and you've got so much time left to do all the things you need to do. The day just stretches out ahead of you, an unwinding path that you get to mold.

Also, now that I'm using a camera of a semi-regular basis, I'm finally beginning to understand where Diana came from (she wakes up at 6:00 am and sleeps at 10 or 11): the light hours are the most important.

Anyways, I'm assigning 11:30 am as my official time-to-breathe. Now that I have a moment, I decided to post some street style! I met Erica outside Library Cafe in Central Library, on a windy Thursday afternoon. She was such a pleasant person to photograph! No awkwardness or anything. And her maxi dress was colorful like summer dresses should be. I feel like maxi dresses always give people a regal effect, so it's a lovely warm-weather staple.

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