Thursday, September 22, 2011


The thing about doing fun activities (this is not an understatement, just good innocent fun) on Thursday night is that you get back high on life and friendship and then you quickly realize that it's 1 o'clock and you have class and work tomorrow. As I am woefully low on sleep, I decided that I might as well just elongate consciousness a little more and do some blogging.

Much like I and sleep, this blog is woefully lacking pictures of guys. I think when it comes to being well-dressed (at least in my opinion), Vandy guys are quite polarized. You've got the button ups and Brooks' Brothers folk, or those like this guy here, with the plaid flannel and cool-colored trousers (they were more of a mauve in real life but came out brown here). Actually, today I saw this guy who had the whole oxfords and rolled ankle cuffs corduroy thing going on which was crazy and spectacular but at last minute I got hesitant and let him walk away. Curses!

Well, as the weekend draws near, we let down our walls and our inhibitions. In my case, I'm seriously considering wearing four inch heels to class tomorrow... which is stupid. I would trip and eat it. It's late. I can't think. Good night, lovely people.



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