Monday, September 5, 2011

The Usual Fare

What you usually see people wearing on campus during a rainy day consists of rain boots, black leggings, and some shape or form of a windbreaker. If you're a guy, it's about the same fare, minus the rain boots and leggings (well, I hope). Everybody's all bundled up and hiding under their umbrellas, cocooned from the world and all its miserable precipitation. While that is all well and good and even encouraged, nobody looks very approachable!

Well, Madison from my speech class was a bit of an exception to the rule, as she dressed like the weather couldn't phase her! She looked very put-together and not at all frazzled, but it was the shoes that finally got me, as is usually the case. They were really, really shiny in person.



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  1. Jenn! I totally think I saw you take this girl's picture in Professor English's communications class correct? We should definitely do a collaboration. Also, I'm loving your blog!

    xo Louisa