Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Unfettered Ferocity of Florals

Sometimes, I crack myself up with post titles. Anyways, it seems that I've seen more flowers on clothing this season than I've seen actual flowers in my whole entire lifetime. While that is slightly troubling, it was a trend I readily embraced this summer and it's nice to know it hasn't died out. Well, to be honest, I am awfully picky with my floral prints... too easily can they come to look gaudy or as my mother likes to joke, "like something a country hick's daughter would wear." Sometimes you'll love a floral print from far away, but close up you'll see that it's wrong, wrong, absolutely wrong. It's a tricky life, guys, but we have to live it.

Anyways, if there's one thing I can say about Diana (with conviction), it's that she loves florals. Not only does she own this floral shirt, but also floral wedges, floral denim shorts, and I'm sure there are more hiding in her closet that she is saving for a particularly sunny day. I passed by her today and took an outfit shot because her floral blouse was great. It was eye-catching and not one of those "dusty rose on white" affairs that I've come to gloss over. Also, her loafers were fantastic. And I continue to have a unrequited love affair with her bag.

Fare Thee Well,


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