Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Save The Best For Never

I have noticed lately that there is a precarious sort of self-denial that the world partakes in. I am no stranger to it myself. As a child, I would save my favorite dish on the dinner plate for last, eating around it delicately until only it remained. No more putting it off then. Ultimately, I would always hesitate before taking the plunge, knowing that this exquisite moment was the last before things changed irrevocably.

OK, so I'm exaggerating here. But the truth remains that I am in the habit of avoiding what I should love. For example, there are times when fear cripples me and in fear of failure, I think for a mind-numbing moment that maybe I should delete the blog, or give it up. The same avoidance applies to my art, or skating.

But in no way is this feeling limited to ambitions and the art of eating dinner. There exists a Yagan word "Mamihlapinatapei," which is untranslatable to the English language. It describes "the wordless, yet meaningful look shared by two people who both desire to initate something but are both reluctant to start." For a culture of people to dedicate a word to this phenomenon must mean that there's universality in our hesitation. I wonder how many people in this world die without having experienced the joy of dreams realized, just because they were too apprehensive to try. How cruel it is, for fear to steal us from what we love.

What do y'all love but are afraid of pursuing? How do you guys overcome these little obstacles?

Today I took another street style shot. Her pants are so vibrant and brave and look phenomenal with her sandals. I still need to work on the name thing.

Kiss Kiss,

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