Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Little Things and Lovely People

Yesterday I walked home barefoot because I had gone to class wearing shoes a size too small. I sent them in for an exchange today and hopefully what comes back does not do to me what the glass slipper did to Cinderella's sisters... No matter how beautiful a prince or pair of Oxfords, I will not cut my toes or heels off. Also, I learned the hard way that Vandy loves to pave their roads with teensy bits of shrapnel and am immensely grateful that I got my Tetanus shot renewed last summer.

Speaking of shoes, I love seeing the shoes that Vandy kids wear in the summer heat. I've probably witnessed at least a thousand different versions of the gladiator sandal and compelling as those are, it's always nice to see something a little different, a little wacky. Toms is, of course, another favorite of my classmates (and probably other young folks too, I'm not too sure) but I absolutely loved this girl's Toms. Their lovely paisley print just electrified my heart. Haha. And the girl was very nice too, I unfortunately forgot to ask her name... but there you have it.

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