Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer's Perished, Heralds Our Birth

Hello everyone! As the lazy summer months dwindle to a close and we all return to our respective habitats, the changing of the season marks new beginnings, revived ambitions. A new journey, at least for those of us who still follow "school year" schedule. It's hard to believe that Iris (pictured below) will be settled into her dorm room, ready for Junior Year, by the time this post hits the ground running. I mean, by the time this blog hits the ground running. Another new beginning, right here! Imagine that.

Last night, I had the fortune of eating dinner with my childhood friends before we all went our separate ways. While dinner certainly didn't feel solemn or wistful, it hit me that it might be the last time all four of us would be together. At least for a while. 

Therefore, I couldn't resist snapping a street-style photo of Iris, even though this isn't Nashville. Either way, I quite like the combination of her rustic accessories and her dress's colorful pattern.

I'll be headed to Nashville in a few weeks time, ready to face classes and friends and legions of stylish folk all waiting to be photographed. But first, Savannah!

I'm excited for all of it. Most of all, I'm excited for this blog--I want to do it justice. Hope all of you folks are enjoying your summer.

Much Love,

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