Friday, August 26, 2011

We Are Experiencing Technical... Issues

Sometimes, I am baffled by the mysterious workings and limitations of my camera. I know that seven times out of ten, it's my own amateur skill failing me. But there are times when despite the perfect setup and a vast amount of light, I'm still not happy with the pictures I take. Better mastery of my camera would really come in handy when I awkwardly ask people to take their photo and have a very limited amount of time to do so. But how do I master it without frequent practice? Ah, the age old dilemma. As a result, I'm sure there will be many outfits shots that I lose, and the ones that make it on the site won't necessarily be the best ensembles, just what actually looks presentable. Just today I took a street style photo of a girl with great robin's-egg-blue shoes, but since the photo quality was so blurry and poor, I couldn't justify posting it. Sad news.

Well, moving on the greener pastures. One thing that I find awesome (and occasionally hilarious) about Vandy guys is how well they dress on a regular basis. Many times have I passed boys with brighter color palettes than me. Sometimes, they look like they're in the pastel throes of Easter. Other times, they look great. Asking guys to take their photo is a little more intimidating, however. I always tend to "scope" a little before I ask and I could easily imagine somebody misinterpreting me for a stalker. Or a forlorn secret admirer. It's OK, guys. I get that a lot.

Anyhow, today I photographed Karl at the Student Organization Fair, which was quite literally a hot, sweaty mess. Somehow, he kept his cool (at least, he looked like he was cool) and took it on the chin when I asked for an outfit shot. This time I remembered to get the name but forgot to give him the URL!

Hope y'all had a great first week!


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