Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Can't Stop Won't Stop

Only my second full day back and already things are getting hectic. Ten resumes and eight cover letters later, I'm a little closer to finding a job, but a lot far away from everything else. There are meetings to be scheduled, interviewers to astound, rooms to be decorated, blogs to be maintained... Not to mention classes. The list goes on and on. I try to swallow the medicine in little gulps, and it's manageable, somewhat. One day I will master these elusive creatures called organization and time management.

The train leaves on its own schedule and I must do my best to catch it. Opportunities whisper open and slam shut, and I am left reeling in its wake. Today, I took a little leap of faith and finally did photograph a stranger. I had admired her style when I was sitting in the coffee shop, but wasn't brave enough to ask, and let her slip away. Luckily, however, I got a second chance! What I loved about her outfit was that despite the fact that the dress had a simple cut, it looked great on her and her ensemble actually stood out from all of the other outfits I have seen on campus. (Unfortunately, I didn't think to catch her name, which is something I'll need to work on in future street style posts.)

Love and Puppies,


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  1. love the way her dark bag contrasts with the orange of her dress! yet it still matches with the dark stripes.