Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vandy Exclusive: Freshmen Shopping List

Cardboard boxes thrown aside, suitcases emptied and tucked tightly away... Ah, the new class has finally moved in. As newly minted freshmen (or transfer students), you may catch yourself wondering, "What should I wear to fit in at Vandy?" Well, that's a perfectly valid question, as dressing well to impress others is absolutely essential to being a good college student. In fact, it's probably the most important part of life. Y'all should get an early start if you want to end up anywhere, well, important.

Luckily for you, the unspoken dress code is a tad formulaic and quite simple to follow. Whether you choose to stand out or not, this go-to list should cover all the bases for any time you feel like blending right in.

1. Top by ShopRuche -- Listen up, ickle freshmen, because seersucker may just very well become the most important pattern you'll know for the rest of your days. It'll be your casual coffee date must-have and your inevitable go-to on your "fashion day off." Why so popular? Maybe it's because those blue stripes look effortless yet oh so refined. Or, perhaps they remind you of the rippling ocean seen from your daddy's yacht. We don't really know the answer to that one. All we know is, you'd best get one of everything in this pattern, because you'll need it.

2. Pink Freshwater Pearl Necklace by -- Maybe it's because pearls are the gems that oysters make, and oysters come from the sea, and rich people simply love to dilly-dally on boats in the sea, that pearls have gained a sort of symbolic importance here at Vandy. Not only are they the choice jewelry of Southern Belles (and Stepford Wives), but they are also elegant and will match each and every floral dress that you inevitably throw at them. Know that with a string of these around your neck, you will fast become the apple of every Southern Gentleman's eye. Just as long as you make sure they're real. Please and thank you!

3. Reptilian Leggings by Black Milk -- Leggings may seem like the black sheep of our little Vandy fashion family, but even the Vandy girl has to keep up with modern times. Not only do these lovely leggings go so well with those neon sorority t-shirts that y'all will come to love, they're great for winter layering and really accentuate those "I-haven't-stepped-off-the-treadmill-in-three-days" results you've been dying to show off. They should come with a warning label, however: these babies tend to show off details, features, and panty lines you don't actually want the whole world to see. So if you'd like to keep your dignity, check yourself before you leave the door.

4. Tory Burch Flats -- Now that you're in college, chances are you'll be doing a lot of walking: to the bookstore, to lunch, to frat row and your friend's dorm (and occasionally class!) Heels can get tres tiring, so where does a girl go from there? It's difficult, you see, because athletic shoes are barely acceptable in public, and Converse All-Stars are exclusively for dirty hipsters. So turn to Tory Burch, because not only are these flats prim, proper, and adorable, they also cost two hundred dollars! And with the huge label at the toes, everybody will know how loaded and awesome you are, and they'll totally want to be you. Yay you!

5. Patio Party Dress by ModCloth -- Coming in last, but certainly not least, is the floral sundress. In fact, one could say with conviction this will be the most important piece in your wardrobe... Ever. You'll need multiple variations on this theme, because you'll wear them to class, football games, dinners out with friends, and even on hungover Sunday afternoons, if you really want to be a Vandy girl. But seriously, though.

Kiss Kiss,

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