Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sleep With The Light On

Do you guys ever have dreams where in them, you feel this certainty that you've been in that dream before? It could be a deja vu of real life experience or a deja vu of your dream history, but either way you get the distinct feeling that you know this place. Usually, for me, it's the strangest locations... A subway station slash parking garage that is made completely out of purple steel, driving up roads with at least a fifty degree incline, or in gothic Southern mansions with cobwebs clinging to my shoulders. The thing is, when I'm in the dream I know with conviction that I've been there before. However, when I wake up, it seems like the most bizarre thing, because I've certainly never been there in my life, or even in previous dreams. 

I remember about a third of my dreams and I've heard of people remembering even less. Maybe these flashbacks are testaments to the dreams we don't remember. It's cool to think that the subconscious picks up on such subtle details, or creates the same dream scape over and over again. Sometimes I like to pretend that they're visions of our past lives, and in our dreams our souls can finally return.

Yesterday I took some outfit photos in the poor light of my little room. Reluctant to venture outside to take better shots, I chose to keep my tenuous dignity instead. But really, posting them online... they'll still be seen. Oh well.

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