Sunday, August 28, 2011

Steady As She Goes

The first week has passed with naught a fray in the thread (just kidding, there have been many), but Sunday dawns like a breath of fresh air. I did less today than I have all week, and am making plans to venture into Hillsboro tomorrow, which is quite exciting. I have decided to take each day at a time, because all plans for recreation are up in the air. Ahead of me I see many speed bumps and potholes and shaky bridges but only time will tell and I have high hopes for the journey. I met a girl today who works twenty hours in the Dining Department and is a Molecular and Cellular Biology Major... her introduction left me slack-jawed with astonishment. She could probably teach classes on how to manage time.

I caught dinner at The Commons and ogled all the freshmen. Luckily, it was to great avail, and I scored a great outfit shot from Emma, who rocked a bright Midi skirt like no other Vandy girl I've ever seen. Might have thoroughly creeped her out, as well, but this time I got the name AND plugged the URL. Small steps, my loves, small steps.

Many a Great Love,

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