Sunday, September 18, 2011

But Your Beard Someday Might Be

Sometimes, the most bizarre things happen. Other times, I commit bizarre acts of my own volition.

When I was young, my goal was to be the strangest I could be. However, that rarely worked out well, and I ended up learning the art of conforming, and how. I like to think that I have my moments, though, when the tunes in my head just happen to warp and mutate, and I find myself listening to a different song entirely.

I've folded up the weekend like an origami crane and I am flying it to the furnace, to the hookah bar, to the smoke stacks that inundate the sky.

Photographs are by Diana. She is a lovely lamb of a human being.



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  1. I love your dress Jenn! And of course you can photograph me any time!