Monday, October 3, 2011

Short and Sweet

I have a short little outfit ditty for y'all today. The older I get the more I realize that my mother might have been more fashionable in her time than I am in mine. This summer in the midst of tepid boredom I'd spend hours digging through her walk-in closet, looking for old blouses and skirts that she no longer needed. The loot I found was plenty, consisting of midi skirts and collared blouses, but my easy favorite was this robin-egg's blue blouse, which happened to be tossed aside and tucked into a corner in a careless way. It really does match most things, so I'm extremely glad the color caught my eye.

In summer I paired this ensemble with gladiator sandals, but heels are more fun anyhow.



P.S. Think I'm gonna go with behind the scenes photos first and later on, pictures of each separate collection! Look forward to it!

Photographs by Diana, as per usual!

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  1. This is "goldsleeves" checking in to say hey. Love the photos you took. Do you have any additional ones? Hope your fall break is going well!