Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Open Door: Scene & Heard Pt II, Backstage

I can't begin to explain the apprehensive feeling of walking into a crowded room full of talented designers and models for the first time, then being told to "have at it." Backstage looked and felt like such a well-oiled machine, a controlled and engineered hustle and bustle. How much could I disturb, I wonder? Would the models and designers think me strange, look down their noses at me? In hindsight, I don't know why I was so overcome. Everybody was great, friendly, and loved having their picture taken (or at least, didn't mind).

What surprised me most, and I don't know why, was that the designs were really inspiring. Whether it was ErosBlaine or Amy Breen, Ryan Ripley or Manny Cuevas, and many more in-between, there was something about all of the designers' collections that really took my breath away. Unfortunately, the behind the scenes pictures only included designs from the first-half of the show, and I assume that the models were dressed again at intermission, which neither Diana nor I was present for.

Without further ado...

This model was so friendly!

Jewelry collections by Mimi & Dottie

Diana and I (especially Diana) loved the gold tones and intricately layered Ryan Ripley designs

Model wearing a gorgeous Amy Breen design.

We called this model "gold sleeves"--Diana really wanted a picture of him.

Designer Amy Breen puts some finishing touches on the model's repertoire.
Left: Designer Dylan Stephens of Eros Blaine Right: Model in Amy Breen designs
Models in Amy Breen!
The utterly and devastatingly gorgeous folk of VPRS
Ryan Ripley's models. Nghhf. Gorgeous layering.

A few ErosBlaine designs waiting in the wings!

Hope y'all enjoyed that and that it didn't clog up your browsers, as I'm sure it will do mine. Back stage was such a great experience! Love it love it love it. All pictures but the last three were by Diana Liu. 




  1. "GoldSleeves" here, love the background photos. They're really great. Can't wait to see more of the runway. Have a good one!

  2. Thank you, kind sir! In an effort to not be as inconsiderate as we have been in calling you "gold sleeves", what is your real name?

    I hope you enjoy the blog! Ryan Ripley runway should be coming up tomorrow.

  3. Hey Jenn - My real name is Carson Nicely. However Goldsleeves seems somewhat catchy...maybe i'll keep it ;)