Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Because You're Mine

I'm out studying til late (because that's literally the only thing I do nowadays), and I don't have my USB to connect my camera to my computer. So there won't be a street style photo for you today, which should be fine, because I'm going to show you this amazing Kate Sylvester runway video instead!

This is for her AW'12 "Secretary Collection." Although I don't know much about Kate Sylvester to begin with, after a friend (Joe from Stranger Danger!) showed me this video, I had to share it... Love the collection, the pale and willowy models wear it so well. It definitely is brilliant business-wear that could be translated to street wear in a heartbeat, along with a view bondage pieces. Whatevs.

Though there are some themes of domination that (to me) imply and perpetuate the inequality of gender politics in the office... which I don't like... overall this video was really awesome.

If I really think about it, it's a woman spanking another woman... so maybe I can make an exception.

Kate Sylvester AW12 The Secretary Collection from Kate Sylvester on Vimeo.

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  1. it just told me that the video does not exist O.O