Sunday, January 22, 2012

So This is The New Year

Feeling down? Gloomy because of January weather? I know personally that I felt an upshot of hope and possibility when 2012 was just arriving. I spent the first few days with friends, going on road trips, feeling completely at home--it seemed like it was going to be a fantastic year. However, since coming back to school, the weather's been morose, and so have I. I don't think I was properly prepared for the onslaught of work, responsibility, competition, and social pressure that I came back to... in fact, I found myself rather apathetic to all of it. Oddly enough, so have many of my friends... there's been this common theme of "not knowing who I am" or maybe a strong sense of disillusionment.

Well, the fix for that is simple, my friends. What you're suffering from is the post-holiday, post-new-years-high blues. Whose bright idea was it to start the solar new year when the weather was still miserable and our bodies and minds so sluggish after the holidays? That's only going to be a wet blanket thrown onto your new year cheer. Chinese people had the right idea in making it almost a month later (lunar new year, whatever). No matter how the seasons crawl and shift along the year, stretching the summer into September and the dead of winter into January, Chinese New Year is generally a month later... and February is usually warmer, right? At the very least, it's a shorter winter after Chinese New Year marks the year. And that's today, by the way. I won't be able to join in on the celebrations, seeing as my parents are either in China or en route to China, and probably 16% of Nashville's population knows what moon cakes even are, but it's a happy new year anyways. You can start over starting over.

I shot a few photos of Itoro last week. He owns the blog thecreativeroutine and wanted me to link you guys there, so click on the first photo to visit his blog.

I particularly liked the layering of his collared shirt, sweater, and leather jacket. The colors worked well with each other yet had a unique feel to it.

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