Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Passage of Time

During my time in Atlanta this winter break I really came to feel how precarious are the tenuous threads that connect us to a place. Before leaving for college I'd been there almost 18 years of my life. A mere twelve months away (cumulatively) and already it felt like a strange destination, like a place I never really knew. What's worse is that I hardly know Nashville except for maybe the square mile in which I live and attend classes... in fact, it's probably a smaller area than that. So, after a bout of childhood, the tethers that connect us to our hometown are suddenly cut, and it's not until then that we realize we're just floating in space, belonging nowhere until we decide to root ourselves down. If we even can. I know this sounds all "Garden State"-esque, but it does come with a silver lining.

It's the people that count! Winter break would have seemed so bleak if it were not for my friends, some of whom came home from college and some who live in Atlanta indefinitely. We took advantage of our short time together and went on a few trips, got a few tattoos. You know. Casual.

Here are our photos. A few include fashion details and some quirky places around Macon, Georgia and Atlanta.

Ghost Towns of Macon

Picture from the Vintage Stores of Little Five Points
Criminal Records! in Little Five



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