Friday, January 6, 2012

Oh, Is It That Time Already?

Well, if I had one New Years Resolution, it would probably have to be to take better care of my face (along with reading more books, and being a better and kinder person). It kind of reflects a wider resolution, that is, to keep myself healthy. Last semester, I left my health on the wayside as I decided to spend valuable sleep time pursuing better grades, good times, and a job. I won't say it wasn't worth it, but there comes a time when your sallow complexion faces you head-on in a mirror and you can't deny the truth any longer. Also, I'm pretty sure the stress gave me face wrinkles, which is just not on. So if I have to take hours off work, I'll do it! And if it means I ditch homework for sleeping, it is for my own good! I am thinking long run here, guys. Not long run like medical school, long run like my fifties. And onward.

Here's the outfit post I promised weeks ago. I've had these pictures burning a hole on my hard drive but just couldn't be arsed to "edit" them. But finally! And just in time for the first day of the new semester.

I don't usually dress this way, but sometimes it's nice to look like I'm on the way to a job interview. Or some off-kilter private school. I've heard both. Anyways, the greatest thing about this outfit is that the entire top half were all gifts... which really introduce you to a novel way of dressing. I kind of like it.

Hi, what is my face

That's all, folks! Catch you next time!

Also, it's a new semester. So more street style photos to come! Obvi.


(Photography by Diana because she is a blessed soul)

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