Friday, January 13, 2012


New technology is great but it can be oh-so-frustrating! It took me forever to learn how to connect this borrowed camera to the computer, which resulted in many moments of me pulling out my hair and yelling at technology, the cosmos, and life in general.

I've been adjusting to my new schedule, which is simultaneously exciting yet entirely hellish. I can only imagine how much time I'll spend slaving over books this semester, stamping out my youth with every test trumped and paper produced. And to think, I promised myself an easier semester after the crap I put myself through last year! Oh well. Right now, while I still can, I'm trying to figure out how to multitask rushing to class and getting as many great pictures as possible. Now that I've learned how to connect this camera, which was much more trying than it sounds, trust me, hopefully there will be an onslaught of posts! I'm excited to have a productive new year. Hope everybody's looking forward to upping the standards of style and getting their picture on a (one-day-to-be) famous blog. Yeah. I said it. Prepare yourselves.

For today, I give you a slightly blurry street style photo of Francesca! She is very sweet, and I have photographed her before (if you recall the neon green bag of yesteryear--still totally in, by the way). It's slightly blurry because I left the photos on my dad's computer back home, and I pestered him to email them to me. This is the only one I got out of the few that I took, so this is the one I'm posting.

  Her brogues, which unfortunately due to my shoddy photography are rather hard to distinguish, are fabulous. Yes.


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