Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It Wasn't Yet The Spring

This is how Terrible my Tuesday was... so much, in fact, that I was too exhausted to blog about it yesterday even though I really wanted to. I'll just give you the short of it, though, seeing as it's Wednesday, and almost Thursday... Got drenched in the rain while trying to guard the not-water-proof camera with my life... faced with injustice in Bio Lab after MLK day... I wonder if one of the viable symptoms of Seasonal Mood Disorder is rage instead of just melancholy, because I seem to have stumbled upon a previously-undiscovered, unbridled breed of it. Part of being a better person is letting it go, though... right? Whatever. I'm over it.

Today was definitely better. Well, it was to a certain degree... I did trudge through the cold for what seemed like hours but I ended up eating some really tasty dinner for it. Also, I got more pictures! Progress, yay. I'm considering... printing a bunch of URLs onto cardstock and just kind of handing those out to people I photograph... It's a lot easier than ripped out pages of random notebooks... But kind of like unofficial business cards, right?

As I mull over that, here's a street style photo from last week! I love Camille's coat and the contrast between light and dark... and if I'm not mistaken that's a wishbone necklace! Awesome.

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