Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Summer Lasts Forever

Erm... is it frivolous to spend 8 bucks on a rather large vial of delicious, aromatic, thick, thick honey? Other than the reason that I've been eyeing it for a long while? No? Ok. That's what I figured. Well, to rationalize, taking a spoonful a day really does make the allergies go away... particularly a spoonful of Wildflower Honey, as the Honey Lady (as I have dubbed her) informed me. There's more pollen in it! And with my terrible pollen allergies and hay fever that even translates to Oral Allergy Syndrome (basically getting an itchy throat and swollen lips whenever I eat an Apple, or anything from the Plum family...), why the hell not. I want to eat fruit without hating life, and if I have to endure an extra helping of something sweet to do it, then I will suffer the consequences.

Getting back on the photographing horse is hard, by the way. I found myself hesitant to ask all the beautiful Vandy people whether I could take their photo. I'm reluctantly mindful of what others think of me... oh well. But all in all, there's a lot to be excited about. After spending a deeply painful summer working more than 50 hours a week every week, I've bought myself a camera and will be acclimating to its features for the next, oh, five years. Hopefully this means better quality photos for my blog, which will increase the aesthetic appeal, which will attract readers, which will up its reputation, which will... well, I haven't decided what the endgame is. All I know is I love photographing street style! It's a yearning that burns inside me, man. It's a fire I can't contain.

So. Yeah.

Did anybody else notice how freaking muggy and hot it is for September the 6th? Please stop it. Just stop. 

I realized my mini-photostream is actually pretty chronological. First comes flowers... then the bees... which results in gobs of gooey-golden honey for the masses to enjoy.

In case you thought I was forgetting street style... shame on you. I always save the best for last! I took this Tuesday afternoon in the heat of the day... walking sweat-i-ly down the Rand pathway, as I am often wont to do. I ran into this girl, who does not happen to go here (can anybody say visiting girlfriend?). Yet she was more fittingly dressed for the weather than I. The last vestiges of summer style and sensibility--crochet tops, of course--over a breezy black skirt... A simple color scheme, sure, but eye-catching nonetheless. I might pull out some crochet tops, myself... it's too hot even for chiffon.

Anyways, I'll be posting more often from now on! It's taken a bit for me to get on my feet (especially with school being so... ugh). Yay. Be excited. I know I am.


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