Friday, September 7, 2012

Lonely Metamorphosis

The act of growing can be an awkward endeavor. In changing, you alienate yourself from the things you have known, and this may include people or habits or creature comforts you've come to adore. Yet, you're not who you will become, thus leaving you without a bridge to achieve some new paradigm. You're in this... awkward stage, where your goals and hopes are morphing inside you in some grotesque, unseemly fashion. Really, it's best to be left alone at times like these, and let things settle as they may before attempting to interact with the outside world.

Of course, some would say that there is no such thing as concrete snapshots of reality before something undergoes change. We are always changing, always growing, and the formation of self is never a complete thing. We are not who we were five years ago, or six weeks ago, or even a few hours ago. We are constantly responding to stimuli and absorbing it into our malleable identities, so maybe it is not such a lonely thing after all.

I got to thinking about how things change (and how they also stay the same) quite honestly because of topics in my classes, but also because of this street style photo I took the past week. If you've a keen eye, you'll notice that I've shot these pair of pants before, from around this time last year. But the way Chelsea has paired them with new accessories, a vibrant, monochromatic color scheme, and a new hairdo makes it virtually unrecognizable. It's what I love about style--with enough tweaking and a new approach, you can make something you've always had look completely novel.

My brain is too tired to connect all of this together into some poignant soliloquy that ties together style and the finicky details of change in identity. So I will just leave you the pretty.

Have a lovely weekend, everybody. Be kind to yourself (and others).


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