Saturday, September 8, 2012

Can I Wake You Up?

I cherish the weekends like little gifts given to me by the (Union) gods. After working a month at a grocery store and two research labs, where weekends were just weekday numbers six and seven, I appreciate them all the more now that they're lazy days. They're days I like to spend catching up, taking it slow, experiencing new things or rediscovering old interests. Even so, or maybe particularly because of this, I detest waking up too late on the weekends. When this happens, I feel like I've really missed out on the most important resource: time. Particularly, happy fun free time!

While undergoing this tedious process of maturing into adulthood (...right), I've found that more than anything, time is what I'm missing the most. I'm lucky enough to not have to worry too much about money, because the worse option is having to miss out on meals, or a place to sleep for the night, or a relative degree of certainty about my personal safety... As grateful as I am for that, time spent with loved ones, time spent doing things I enjoy--that's what I feel like is most rapidly slipping through my fingers. It's easy, especially with my anxiety, to get caught up on the tasks that constitute a hefty checklist. It's easy to get lost between the pages, to miss seeing the forest for the trees. But weekends are a time to re-calibrate and realize the value of taking a breather, to remind myself that time well spent means a lot more than just finishing assignments...

It can be spent appreciating your surroundings, whether it be the presence of a friend, or the aesthetics of the moment, or the pull of something you find engaging or stimulating (but might be useless for advancing your career). I don't know. Anything and everything.

(Also, weekends can be great times to experiment with photo sizes that may or may not be too big).

Love you guys.


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