Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's a Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood

The reference to Mr. Rogers isn't a jab at Diana and Laura's outfits, I promise. Although I do find it quite adorable that they dress up teacher-style every Wednesday to go tutor small children. They are very teacherly, of course, and quite stylish too. I love Diana's collared dress/cardigan pairing; the yellow tights  stand out in the very best way. And I equally love Laura's color palette, along with the florals peeking out. The burnt orange and rose pink incites a warm yet Autumnal feeling. They are definitely a pair of sartorial educators.

It's more so a tribute to the pleasant afternoon I spent with the two--they were nice enough to pose for photos during the free hour I have between classes. This, after a well-portioned meal at the Commons (is it just me or do they serve significantly smaller portion sizes on Main campus this year?), was the cherry on top of a quite wonderful day, if I say so myself. It was a brief respite before I holed myself up in Featheringill until 3 AM and subsequently went quite insane... I think I need a break from school. Or, at the very least, more afternoons like this.

Here they are sitting on a tilted bench. Diana has just put away her cheetos and is feeling quite pleased with herself.

These are their angry-teacher glares. Diana's is very stern, but Laura's insinuates that she just might be thinking about killing you.

In my head I have secretly dubbed Tuesdays "terrible Tuesdays," for reasons.

I will now have to seriously consider the name "Wonderful Wednesdays" for Wednesdays, as well.

Thursday, of course, is and always will be Thirsty.


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