Sunday, September 16, 2012

Singing the Sunday Blues

For the first time in a long while, I've had a weekend dedicated mostly to hedonism and pure enjoyment rather than work, errands, and an endless checklist of misery-inducing tasks (dramatic much?). In a majority of ways, it has been fantastic... Good food, good friends, a Beach House concert (!!!) and the delaying of my anxious ways, just for a little. It's been a long time since I've done something like this, so I definitely forgot how terrible it feels when Sunday afternoon hits you and you've still got a litany of things to do... Like an essay, amongst other things... Blargh.

And then the anxiety catches up to you, tenfold, as you begin to wonder whether it was worth it after all to spend most of your weekend doing not much of anything. The good thing about that is once anxiety accumulates and crosses an anxiety threshold, it can offset an anxiety action potential that depolarizes your laziness and catalyzes getting shit done. Sort of. Or it can pace around endlessly while you sit there and continue to play Fruit Ninja and pop bubbles and occasionally sigh with despair. It's one or the other.

At this point, I'm rambling. But I wanted to post this photo anyways, despite the puerile writing, because I love the dresses that Nixxi and Natalia were wearing when I ran into them last Sunday. The flowiness of maxi skirts and chiffon-everything that was in style this past summer really calms me, especially when the fabric floats and fluctuates in the breeze. Also, this blog acts as a checkpoint on my sanity. When things start getting fudgy in my brain, I take a second to update. I don't know if it's the photoshop-fiddling or the deluge of babble that I put here, but when I'm done I feel like I've accomplished a lot more than I really have.

How did you guys spend your weekends? Wisely? Or with reckless abandon?



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