Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Finals Season

Guys, I don't feel like doing homework. I have a Biology test tomorrow that I haven't started studying for. Things are busy but dulled in my mind! What's going on? Sometimes, I think we look to the future too much. We have to live for the now. Yes. Nothing is guaranteed... right? That's what I'm telling myself, at least.

Since Thanksgiving break, I've become an inarticulate mess, and my apathy levels are at an all time high. I'm preoccupied with artistic endeavors and the desire to revamp the blog (and kick some life into it). This is just like last year, when I watched Asian dramas during finals season. I always seem to do the most unhealthy things when under strain.

Anyways, I got this street style photo at the trunk show that was featured in bullets and mullets a few weeks ago. I love the boots and the grungy thing she's got going on! I'm glad to see the 90s are still alive and kicking. Nirvana, Pearljam, and Radiohead, of course... those were the days.


Anyways, it might be too late for me, but y'all must continue to go forth. Study on without me!


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