Monday, November 28, 2011

Summer Daze

Thanksgiving break went by in a blur, such a sweet mixture of peace and celebration. I didn't realize how much I had missed my dad until I spent a week with him... we ate Chinese food every night. If I hadn't been away at college for so long, subject to a slew of American and quasi-cultural food, I might have protested, as I used to do. But there's no telling you how much I missed peking duck and dumplings and seasoned bamboo shoots... and lots of other stuff that would probably sound unsavory to an American appetite. Most of what I eat sounds disgusting but tastes delicious. Yum.

Weather back in Atlanta was unseasonably warm. I left for school Sunday morning and the air was crisp but lacking bite, a perfect lukewarm temperature. However, Nashville today was a polar opposite, with biting cold whipping at my legs and face. How I miss the days of summer, when everything was so simple. T-shirt, shorts, tennis shoes, and you'd be set. Maybe a simple skirt and a crop top, sandals. I miss the warm, sometimes even caustic, cradling of the sun. Despite all the ugly sweat and lethargy of the summer, it is still my favorite season, infinitely preferable to the short days of Winter. They past so fast! I feel like life moves too quickly, but it's really just an unsavory tilt adding to my delusions.

To remind you of how carefree those Summer days were, I'll cite a street style photo to evoke those lovely memories. Don't you remember the days when it was too easy to finish a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream because it'd melt around your spoon as soon as you scooped it? Those were the days.

Too bad it's a pipe dream that won't be 'round for least another 6 months! Until then, stay warm.

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