Thursday, February 23, 2012

You Know...

...what I hate most? When the weather is so beautiful as it is today, then something comes along and like a puffy, dreary, miserable rain cloud... craps all over it.

Yeah. I hate those days too. Anyways, all was well this morning, when I went to volunteer at our greenhouse (which is awesome). I mixed soil and even re-potted a plant (le gasp). It sounds kind of stupid when I recap, but it was a great change of pace and pretty therapeutic... If nothing works out this summer, I think I'll try to volunteer at a local greenhouse or something. Now that's an idea!

For today's street style post, I'm featuring yet again a so-to-speak regular of the blog. She's been on it almost as much as Diana has... so they're both contending for the record space. Or they're not, but in my mind they are. I got a lovely portrait of her, but the full body was a bit out-of-focus. Lately, I've been trying to learn more about Timmy's camera, and I'm starting to move away from the sports setting and into Av or even Manual. I'm not nearly good enough for Manual though... but I have found that my photos are looking a lot better in Av...

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