Monday, February 13, 2012

Is It Your Fault

I was updating my facebook Arts and Entertainment section the other day because I'm a loser like that, and I came to a startling and disturbing realization. Well, a few of those, actually. For one, my original "favorite book" was Ones With Pictures, which I believe is a genre of literature for the terminally inane. And while this is true, because pictures are awesome, it's also just not true and totally mis-representative. And now I feel stupid.

So I started to amend that, but then I realized that most of the quote-unquote quality literature that I've read happened before I went to college. In fact, the majority of it I read when I was 14, around the time when I had a mental awakening of sorts and started listening to good music and thinking I was the shit (I decidedly wasn't). Also, I happened to have a lot of help from the militantly elitist yet extremely informative livejournal group "thebookyoucrew," where applicants send in lists of their top 20 books and their taste in literature gets ripped to pieces by the, so-to-speak, connoisseurs of the field (no offense intended; they're very knowledgeable but a bit on the brutal side).

Right. So back on point. College is supposed to be the time your mind expands and fills itself with some essential, poignant substance. Of humanity and truth, and beauty. Or something. It's outrageous that for the one and a half year that I've been a college student, I haven't read jack shit that's supposed to make me a better person. I've tried and failed to complete Brothers of Karamazov... and of course I've read books for classes, and some cult classics a la Safran Foer, but something is still lacking. How do I fix this? So I guess I'm asking for help from readers... let me know if you have any good book recommendations. I've got Love in the Time of Cholera and Cloud Atlas on queue, but I'd love to hear from more perspectives. Should I persevere with Karamazov? Or move on to greener pastures?

Also. This is still a street style blog! I just disturbed myself today, is all.

I don't usually get close-ups, but I just liked Caitlin's scarf so much so there you go.

Love her sweater as well. The blue and yellow complement each other well.
Remember to send me some book recs if you've got any.

Je suis gran,


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