Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hey Hey Guess What Just Guess

I'm coming back for the fall!


I know there's been a depressing lull for the majority of the Spring/Summer season (not that it matters... I'm a student, not a professional street photographer, but whatever) and for a while there it seemed like The Sardoreialist would be nothing more than a blip on the radar. A blip that some might say had faded into nothing, forevermore. But this is not so. After quite a bit of introspection, ruminating, and illuminating (and with some encouragement from the lovely Joe-Pa), I've decided to run this blog again for the Fall 2012-Spring 2013 school year, with a possibility of continuation into summer. But for now, that's too far on to tell.

The best part is that I'll come back bigger and better, with a more varied style of posts, and quite possibly a new layout (I'm thinking minimalist). Not to mention... more feature-oriented posts that showcase my wonderful friends and their exciting new projects.

Quite honestly, I embarked on this project in 2011 with nary an idea of what I was doing. I knew far fewer people than I do now who are interested in the same pursuits, saw slim to none street style influences and many more Vandy influences (completely not a bad thing, but I like to change it up too) around campus, and felt like a nerd-pariah-wolfman with my creepy camera and my sometimes unwelcome purely-photography-related advances. My only influences were a sparse number of style blogs that I didn't even really keep up with all that much... and lookbook. But working on the Sardoreialist has led me to meet and connect with so many different fascinating individuals and thus I cannot discontinue it, because I think I'd be robbing from myself a chance for growth. I'm confident to say that this year, I'll be surrounded by, supported by, inspired by, and tutored by many talented souls such as Joe, Louisa, Diana, Itoro, and more. I hope to be able to offer them the same.

I know what you must be thinking--"Whew, what a long winded rant!" I'm done! I hope you're also excited, because I am definitely looking forward to bringing you something new.

Unfortunately, for all this babbling, I have nothing for you today. Unless you're interested in seeing me eat ramen out of the pot while wearing a wrinkly t-shirt and jean shorts with an awkward cut, you won't be seeing anything until around August 21st. Stay posted.



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