Thursday, April 19, 2012

Indefinite Madness

I promised, a few weeks ago, that I would get back to updating regularly and taking photos and of course running the blog as usual, I know, but academia and life has sneaked up behind me and kidnapped me in a conspicuously unmarked white van. It's been a crazy mixture of apartment searching, job searching, essay-writing, and whatnot that's been keeping me on my feet. Sometimes I actually feel like there are hot coals under my feet and I have to scramble around and dance like a puppet to keep from getting burned.

The good news is that I have one secure, ideal job and I've gotten my apartment down. The bad news is finals. Of course. While I haven't gotten a chance to get many pictures this latter half of spring semester, I do intend to document Nashville more efficiently once the craziness is over. I'll be here for summer! I'm super excited. When I have more time, I also plan to restructure the blog significantly--that means more personal posts, features, maybe even a new layout. I'm really excited to have more time open up so I can dedicate more time to making this blog the best it can be.

Anyways, I did capture an ace street style picture of Alexander a few months back. It got lost in its own folder and I was afraid that I'd lost it forever. Looking through my pictures and finding it again inspired me to update, so I'm quite happy with that result.

Peace Out Cub Scouts.


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