Sunday, May 12, 2013


It's been approximately two years since my mother gathered her things, cut off her business ties, and booked it to China. No, not really, it's not that dramatic. I also don't think she actually cut off any business ties. But for the past two years, she's been working a two to three year job at a Chinese architecture firm. That means she gets to work on designing multi-story hotels, office buildings, and in general far more grandiose fare than she created here. I don't blame her, because the stagnating housing market in America (five years ago) looked like child's play when compared to the booming industry in China.

Though I miss her and I really haven't spent any meaningful time with her since... freshman summer, or even before starting college, I'm incredibly proud of her for chasing her dreams and working so hard to achieve her goals. For anybody in the work force who is a bit older than the fresh-faced new graduates and young workers, keeping up with the standard pace is a noteworthy struggle. Cheers to my mother for her immense mental strength and work ethic, who goes into work on the weekends, and has a will as resilient as steel.

She is also quite a fashionable lady. I went digging through old photo albums and found two representative photos from her college days:

No wonder I am often tempted to steal things from her closet. Hm... wonder what happened to that royal blue coat...

From her, I inherited a love for style, art, composition, and also looking at beautiful architecture pictures on tumblr. She calibrated my moral compass; she keeps me in check, she forgives, and is endlessly giving and inspiring. Love you so much.

Happy Mother's day!

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